Timmy Tdat is one artist who enjoys ridding on ‘kiki’ controversial stories before he drops a new song or just to make sure he stays relevant by keeping bloggers and social media talking.Anyway, enough of that.

So, I have reasons to believe that he is no longer ‘dating’ Dela or rather that his relationship did not last for long kama kawaida. I am saying this because yesterday (27th March) I got to see him lock lips with a certain air hostess, thanks to his Whatsapp status stories.

Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess

Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess

Judging from how he was digging his tongue into her mouth, I can honestly say that he was caught in the moment. And as protocol I had to call him up to see whether he would spill some details about this air-hostess. However we did not talk much as he claimed to be in a noisy place moments after i mentioned why I had called him up.