He first saw her in the studio while she was working and he was glued to the window of the beautiful girl. Her looks struck him and it was love at first sight. JB Masanduku and Tina Kagia’s story of love, romance, marriage and divorce.

While she thought of how to handle her relationship with a comedian, she was in love, charmed by the comedians looks and they were in an island of love. Nothing could make any turn back.

But few years down the line cracks in there relationship started to emerge and it was witnessed at Westlands club after Tina assaulted Masanduku. But as it emerged they mended the rift and life continued.

But what followed was an explosion. So begun the JB and Tina marriage, with little funfair but with big Kenyan stars at the helm. The marriage had many highs, but the lows were numerous and embarrassing for those involved. One minute we would be inundated with info that they were on a glorious vacation and all-smiles, then another they would be fighting.

He put it straight though they lived as a perfect couple, Tina would beat him silly. Is it because Masanduku is a dead drunkard or she had changed her mind about the whole marriage thing?

This was contrary to what Tina alluded to in an interview to the Pulse. She said: