Women hold more power on men than they realize. Men will do anything possible on earth just for the promise of sex. Whoever controls sex in a relationship has more power, in this case women.0fgjhs57gcsmr2i1o.8eefc508

Ladies, you can easily control your man using sex. Men have been known to do the weirdest things the world has ever known just to get sex in return.

“Training a man is like training a dog – you use rewards and punishments to bend him to your will.” an American psychologist says.

Since men are known to be sexual beings here are some of the things you should put into practice if you have one of those men who has proved tough to deal with.



Cut him off: This might seem mean but its a very good way to train your man. Just hold it out as long as possible. Especially if he has done something wrong, say NO when he comes asking for it.

He needs to understand that for every action there is a reaction, the best form of punishment is withholding sex.

He will be forced to wait for days or more until he apologizes or does the right thing. Men love being appreciated and noticed, if you do not then he will find a way to get your attention, what better way than doing exactly what you want.

Mixed-race couple kissing in bed.
Mixed-race couple kissing in bed.

Reward him: Punishment works most of the time but once in a while a reward should also be put on the plate. When he does the dishes or comes home early enough or gets you flowers reward him with a quickie session or an elaborate love making later in the night.


This only goes to show him that the more he does these amazing things the more he will get it. It is only a matter of time before he falls in line, good shall be rewarded with good.