The unending reality Bongo scandal unfolding between Diamond Platinumz, his Ugandan socialite babymama Zari Hassan and Tanzania model Hamisa Mobeto appears to have no end in sight. On Monday, August 7, Mobeto delivered a bouncing baby boy and named him after Diamond Platinumz, fueling rumours that Diamond played Zari with her.
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You will remember with me how, once, Zari posted a photo of earrings she found in her bedroom that were not hers and told off ‘the woman’ who left things in her bedroom “to show their presence”…this was the time rumours were rife about Diamond and Hamisa while Zari was still in South Africa.
So Hamisa named the baby and Diamond went on the offensive, claiming that all Hamisa was doing was looking for fame at any cost. Since then, Zari kept her cool on the whole matter, not uttering a word until on Tuesday, September 12, when she confirmed- rather concluded- that the baby was not her husband’s. Speaking to a local Ugandan gossip site, Bukedde, Zari said that Diamond is not the father of the child but Majizzo is. Meet Majizzo, he owns a radio station in Tanzania.
Zari went on to claim that Majizzo has been paying Hamisa’s rent and takes care of her but he’s apparently afraid of being with her. Bukedde claimed Zari and Diamond are mounting a campaign to discredit Hamisa by any means possible but there are cracks in the narrative being laid out.
Zari told the site she does not know much about Hamisa’s personal life but ended up revealing that she knew how her ‘nemesis’ life is going.