Maurice Matheka, a city-based relationship expert and sexologist concurs with Dr David Thuo, attesting that an obese person may desire sex, “but that may be as far as it goes.”

Obesity is a stumbling block as “penis growth is hindered in obese men,” explains Matheka, adding that, “Too much fat tends to ‘consume’ their organs. This is when it is already difficult for this man to achieve an erection due to erratic blood circulation. And even when they achieve an erection, it becomes difficult for them to maintain it. That extremely affects the quality of sex since it is an act that requires some length of time for the parties involved.”

Matheka notes that ‘obesity and sexy’ are not cute in one sentence and vocabulary gets limited as couples age, wrinkling the idea of beauty.

“An obese person is probably suffering from stress and low self-esteem,” Matheka says, adding that good sex and intimacy “are only achieved when the mind has no clutter and is fully focused on the act.”

But in many cases, Matheka observes, women’s sex lives are not grimly affected by body size as they achieve good intimacy if their partners are athletic blokes.

“All the woman has to do is focus her mind on the act: it is not upon her to get the act going,” says Matheka, warning that, “If a woman doesn’t believe she is not sexually appealing to her partner, even if he tells her she is, she will find it difficult to connect and have meaningful intimacy.”