It is regarded as one of the most pleasurable pastimes, but sex also strikes fear into the hearts of men and women worldwide.

In fact, these fears are enough to put some of us off altogether, a survey reveals.

More than 2,000 people from the US and Europe were asked to rank each sex-related fear on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the biggest fear.

The survey revealed unintended pregnancies are a concern shared by everyone – but not as much as a partner having an undiagnosed STI.

Both genders are scared their body hair will turn their partner off in the heat of the moment, the Superdrug Online Doctor poll revealed.

And being considered unattractive when naked was of huge concern for both genders, as was sexual performance.

Men are notably scared about the size of their penis and ejaculating prematurely, while women are worried about their partner not wanting to wear a condom and how big their breasts are.

With regards to orgasms, women prioritise their own, while men care more for making their partner climax. In fact, their least serious fear is their own satisfaction, the findings claim.

Women in general are more scared their partner will want to do something they aren’t comfortable with, or experiencing an unintended bodily function while getting intimate.

The top concerns for Europeans were the noises they might make during the sex, saying the wrong name, and their partner finding them too rough.

Women from the US are more concerned about their partner noticing cellulite or stretch marks, while their European counterparts fear men not being able to take no for an answer.

Below, we reveal the findings in full…

sex fears for men and women