Players are getting big chunks of payments from endorsement , salaries and advertisements. Christiano Ronaldo has done it again by being ahead of Messi in huge payment amounts totaling to US $75.6 million of payments in 2016, coming top of rich football players in the world of football.

Magazine in Europe geve a sneak preview of payments and Lionell Messis earnings were US $66.1 million last year, lower than what Christian Ronaldo made.

Neymar is said to be in the third place by earning US $48 million in making the football millions.

The players have made good money in the last 12 month in gross salary, bonuses, in advertisement accumulated earnings.

Real Madrid star Ronaldo alone has countless deals and business ventures helping him land top spot including ongoing sponsorship with the likes of Nike, Tag Heuer, Sacoor Brothers and Monster headphones.