Mourning is a tough time for every one who loses someone who was part of their lives. It has been tough time for Zari and Diamond and at one time Zari seemed to have immersed herself in mourning deserting normal things in life, her younger children and her current husband.

As they were entangled in mourning though it seemed like they were drifting apart from each other especially her husband Diamond Platnumz. Maybe, at some point there was miscommunication between the two and hence disagreement .

I think it should be understood it’s beyond Zaris wish for things to go the way they did as Diamond claimed Zari didn’t give him update of funeral for him to attend as he had intended.

Being in Zaris Shoes the burden was too much to bare for her to be concerned about her husband who by then was performing in Kenya.

Maybe that is why Diamond has been behaving in a funny manner after he posted a picture of him and his mother and telling the world the only real woman in her life-did you see it coming? I didn’t for sure.

“Me and the Real woman of my Life.”

Diamond Platnumz

This left online users confused and wondering whats happening in paradise.