And, of course, all Kenyans girls were feeling jelly and wishing they were in her place. But, Kumeza mate sio kukula nyama. 

The weekend past, the world  was marvelling and gushing at Trey Songz benevolence in downtown Nairobi. He had given a street kid KSh 5,000. A good gesture that showed that he had a heart somewhere beneath the six-pack abs.


American RnB singer with a street kid in downtown Nairobi. He gave the child KSh 5,000.

So when everyone and their mother was heaping praises on him, Songz was nestled in the warm bosom of a fellow singer.  A light skinned bundle of beauty who he had earlier hobnobbed with at the Coke Studios.


I don’t even blame him because, boy, this girl is fire!

At the Coke Studio, Songz was particularly close to Vanessa Mdee. A Bongo artist. Their chemistry was evident during the studio sessions with the  American singer freely canoodling with Mdee.


Isn’t this that sort of girl that you would sell your kidney for?

So a fan asked Songz why he was particularly smitten by the Tanzanian femme fatale:

“Vanessa is great, we got a great song together, has a great chemistry, she loves to laugh and joke even when we was performing having a good t0fgjhs545u2mmk6bk-df3da9b4

Of course, we refuse to agree that their chemistry did not go past the studio after their performance.