The thing about social media is that though it’s a bad, terrible idea for people to chronicle their personal, private lives, they do anyway. And I am glad they do otherwise I wouldnae have a job!

Today I want to have a look at Marya’s love life. For a while now, she has been chronicling her love story with a guy named Kevoh whom we know had a wife -who was a relative of Mike Sonko’s. Now, as happens in all love stories, boy meets girl and they fall inlove. Aye? But I want to look at the scandal!

Kevoh already had a wife, and it was Mike Sonko’s daughter who tipped us to what was happening when she ran to social media to out Marya as a husband snatcher:

And when the cat was out of the bag, Kevoh’s wife also came out to announce to the world what her take on this scandal really was:

Neglected she send her the divorce papers so they were actually still married in the eyes of the law! Oh, and this is her by the way:

Kevoh's estranged wife

Anyway, my attention was called to the fact that Marya has taken to posting some not-so-enigmatic posts in which she is clearly attacking “someone”  who has betrayed her trust. And the posts are “hard” to decode as you can see below:

Marya relationship domes

Then there was this post on her instagram account:

Marya relationship woes

I reached out to Marya, she clarified that everything is fantastic between her and Kevoh who also happens to be the father of her young child.


So who was the messages intended for? She cleared that issue up and said she was just auditing her relationships and some friends had to go!