She is Tunda sebastian, the new Diamond Platnumz catch, young and cutie. She is only 22yrs, but smitten by Chbu de. At first it was only rumours that she is one of his side chicks but she is coming out strongly to pronounce her place in Chibu des life.mmmhhhh

Yes, She came to limelight late last year when she was rumoured to be pregnant for Chibu Dangote. But she rubbished the claims saying she had added weight gain and people mistaking it for pregnancy. Tunda is Diamonds taste since is yellow, yellow as he like and beautiful, with good looks.

Tundas life changed drastically since she met Chibu, has been dinning with who is who in Tanzania courtesy of being Diamond other woman. Though after she was conered said Diamond is only a close “friend” whom she talks to daily.