Tupac Shakur is one of the most famous rappers of all times. However, this man had his share of troubles. He was in prison and now they sell his prison Bible. Guess, how much it costs?0fgjhs625ip0tl5rc-b59c6be4

He was put to jail back in 1995 for the crime of sexual assault. During that time he wrote several letters and signed a Bible he used to read behind the bars. In the past one of the prison letters of Tupac Shakur was sold for over 220 000 US dollars.

Now the prison Bible is on the auction. The start bidding price is $54 000 dollars. This sample of the Word of God is not affordable to most of us. The name of the rapper stands on the book with his signature.


The family of the singer owned the Bible till this time, but it gave it over to the auctioneers to be sold. See the photos of the book and the signature of the legendary rapper on it.