elizabeth-irungu-70-696x418Former KBC presenter Elizabeth Irungu is crazy. The ex-TV girl is never afraid of speaking her mind especially on matters concerning sex. Irungu who is a social media influencer and has a large following both on Facebook and Twitter, has this time ‘won’ the hearts of many after she took to social media to teach women how to cum and squirt during sex.elizabeth-irungu15-420x420

Here is Elizabeth Irungu’s post, ladies take notes.

“A slight choke during sex makes it easier for a girl to squirt,take it from me! Ukitaka ku-“kachabali” haraka then ask your guy or husband to choke u just a little bit,kiasi tu when his on top of you as he penetrates you! Not too much of a choke to hurt you ,no akunyonge tu kidogo akiwa deep inside u (And as for u aliens from planet Jupiter who don’t know the meaning of ‘kachabali’ google the word “squirt” it’s simply the multi-orgasm of a woman where she releases not only c*m but gushes out water about a litre of sticky-like water that has a mild glucose smell! She gashes this fountain of water from her p*ssy out of sexual pleasure and then she blacks out! Girl,unalipuka like a fountain all over ur guy mmmm INCRDEIBLE mmmm!!!) I believe every girl deserves to squirt in her lifetime! Magical sensation I tell yah! Feels too damn good! Leaves ur body trembling! Alafu makes your clit inafura inakuwa extra sensitive hapo juu! By the way ikishafura itoke yote nje put “limbwata” (nyama kiasi ya ngombe.Just a small piece of meat rubbed into honey between the “lips” down there and tell him to remove it with the tip of his d*c then see what happens next! UTAPENDA MAMA! So enjoyable nyote mtapiga nduru!) I AM NOT SPEAKING OUT OF EXPERIENCE PLEASE! MIMI NI VAJO MBAYA!!! *insert angel smile here* I AM A VIRGIN & I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THESE THINGS! NI KUAAMBIWA TU NILIAAMBIWA NA RAFIKI YANGU FLAN!! ***Infact my Facebook has been hacked today sio mimi nimeaandika hii status hata! Once i recover my password i shall delete this crazy status iish!! what is this now????! WHO PUT THIS HERE? Nime hackiwa mimi mukae kuelewa!”


Read a post on Irungu’s Facebook page. But she later came out to claim that her account was hacked. Really? The controversial lass is known for posting such stories .Check out the screenshots