If you are the kind of guy who can’t have more than one round of sex with your partner, please pull a Jeff Koinange – throw your device into a swimming pool – because you are about to be shamed by the very same lass you have been thirsting after.

Former Ebru TV news anchor Kamene Goro has made public her bedroom affairs and I’m sure a good number will not like what she said.

The 24-year-old has revealed the number of times she demands sex from her man in one night or at least the number of rounds she expects him to go, while dissing men who are not good in bed.

About a day ago, the sultry lass who had Team Mafisi drooling every time she came on the screen, put up a post on Instagram implying that she expects him to go two rounds every night.

Her post read:

“Ladies, never waste time arguing with a nigga that can’t [email protected]@k you twice in a night.”

Check it out below.


Kamene Goro called it quits at the Turkish owned media house after two and a half years of service.


Reports indicate that she fell out with the new management leaving her with no choice but to call it a day. She has since relocated to South Africa where she stays with her fiancé.