Kweli mapenzi ni kizungu zungu. Everyone hates heartbreaks. No one wants to sit at home and bawl their eyes out crying over being dumped. The worst relationship drama is where you love someone who doesn’t even love you back.


Popular TV host for Cross Over 101 was brave enough to confess how a past boyfriend treated her badly. Grace Ekirapa who now co-hosts with DJ Mo, was a former KBC TV co-host on Angaza with Mr Tee. She says, the one sided relationship broke her.

“It was so crazy that I would look forward to just being around him even if he did not speak to me,” she said of the unrequited love.

Huyu ni fala gani? He did not see the beautiful soul that is Grace? His loss. Beside, being a TV and radio host, Grace is also an artiste.  Check out her single Perfect. She has other hits like Kibali and Sifa.