Apart from working together, these kids seem to be having a lil samsam going on. Lola Hannigan, a TV host and Shaq The Yungin, one of Kenyan top YouTubers have been littering social media with their romantic photos.

Shaq seems to have been ditched by his long time crush Huddah and opted for his ‘size’, Lola.

In an interview with a local blog, Shaq revealed how he would smash Huddah, given a chance to bed the socialite. team mafisi. TIBIM!!!

Moving on, Shaq has set his sites on Lola Hannigan. Team Mafisi must be sad about this! After she showed off her sexy tattooed body, she now brings in a fellow celeb as her boo?

Well, apart from her juicy relationship, the lass is a business woman with her latest swim suit store that rakes her some serious top dollar!

The only evidence we have of their PDA is when the YouTuber who was also a former co-host with Lola in a local TV show dubbed, Yolo, broadcast photo kissing the sexy yellow yellow lass.

Business must have turned to pleasure! Lotsa pleasure.

Lets hope the two will have one successful relationship!

We wish them love and more love. Awwwwww….