Celebrity couples are always on the spot light for either good or bad reasons likes of Kanye west and His Wife Kim kardashian. Its not different for Diamond Platnumz and his wife Zari Hassan who have become darlings of the social media and they don’t keep it a secret neither.

Zari 38 has been having beef with several women who have an affair with her husband. As a woman she has to fight for what is hers after siring two kids for Diamond its becoming an impossible mission taking to it that it has been scandal after scandal of her alleged husband with other women. Taking it that she is not legally married.

One of the women being Hamisa Mobeto who is not scared of Zari. she knows how to handle her insults without fear. She has class just like Zari and exposed to life just like her. She is proving to be an up hill task for her and She is like giving up the fight. We all know her son who is too young to know anything is not following his  father diamond platnumz on Instagram but following his mother and sister Princess Tiffa Dagotte, Sparking storm in paradise.

Hamisa mobeto has class, model body and if i’m not wrong light skinned¬† just like Zari which Diamond Platnumz loves to death because he has money to spent on his women.

Follow the chat of Zari and Hamisa Mobetto

And then another young very beautiful girl who is driving Diamond Platnumz crazy. Surely, this why Diamond is so confused about his wife and all this beautiful young women who are so daring fearless in his life. They don’t care whatever happens to his commitment to Zari, ‘Potelea mbali Mwaamuzi ni wewe Diamond’ they seem to be saying.

Checkout pics Lynn young, beautiful and full of life

Lynn is so courageous that after Diamond got their son she rposted a picture of herself and Diamnod.

Between the two who scares Zari more? Be the judge.