Kissing a girl might probably be one of the easiest things some of you think you can do. While most of you think you got it, that might simply not be the case and chances are you do not even know.

Girls have a habit of compromising on one thing if they are getting the most important thing that matters to them. More often than not, they will not say a word about how poor your kissing skills are. So if you have a girl and she does not like to kiss you often, chances are you are doing it wrong.

For the sake of women all around, here are a few gross kisses men should avoid at all costs.


1. Slippery Sloppy Kiss.
The slippery sloppy jaw is where a guy kisses a girl with a lot of saliva to spare and gets your whole mouth wet. In most cases a girl will find that part of her cheeks as well as the tip of her nose are wet with saliva. This is by far the worst kind of kiss you can give a girl. The whole idea of licking almost half of a girl’s face with a lot of spit is just gross and she can’t wait to wipe off. There is nothing sexy about it, its just plain gross.