The Tanzanian queen aka the real Eneka’s drama never seizes to end. Hamisa Mobetto and Zari are always in for a fight for the title ‘First Lady’ of Diamond Platnumz’ life.

One Raymond from Uganda came out to the public to throw some shade to team Zari who thinks she is all that glitters and is golden.

I know we have a bunch of goons who adore Zari,You praise her thinking she is super natural but let me remind you,She isn’t the most beautiful woman in Uganda/Tanzania.If brad Pitt can cheat on Angelina jolie,Jayz can cheat beyonce,Mills can cheat Minaj blah blah Do you think Diamond is a mutant?Zari should play main chick or whatever she wanna be but i know she has had sleepless nights ever since she got involved with this Tanzanian young superstar.Whatever she portrays on social media is partially falsehoods.

He also went on to add that Zari knows she is sharing Diamond with many other girls and yet she still stays there. She just needs to know her place as the main chic and stick even if she has had sleepless nights based on the stress Diamond causes her.

She won’t disclose her private life on Instagram n FB but I can assure you she is 100% certain , She is sharing her magic stick with a bunch of anonymous beautiful women.

He finished by saying, sleeping with young boys will eventually catch up with you.