Two years ago, Ugandan singer (then 28 years old) sent shockwaves across the globe when he got married to a 68 year old Swedish pensioner.

Ronald Ssemawere popularly known as Guvnor Ace quickly dumped Mona-Lisa Larsson after acquiring Swedish citizenship with her help.

Guvnor Ace and Mona-Lisa Larsson

Well, Mona-Lisa (now 70 years old) went back to Uganda and hooked up with another toyboy who is 51 years younger than her. The retired Swedish teacher has now fallen heads over heels in love with upcoming singer Hoody Blessing aka Ragga Juju Azizi. (Aziz Maganda is his real name).

Azizi and Mona-Lisa Larsson

Mona-Lisa visited Azizi’s family to declare her intention of marrying their son. And surprisingly Azizi’s family had no objection to a 19 year getting married to a woman who is 51 years older than him.

Mona-Lisa Larsson when she visited Azizi’s family

Uganda’s minister of Ethics and Integrity Father Simon Lokodo has however called for the arrest of Mona-Lisa Larsson arguing that her relationship with Aziz is unacceptable.