Ugandan rapper Keko has stirred a wave controversy after claiming that Kenyans worship her like god and praise her wherever she goes.


For those not in the know, the “Make You Dance” singer held a media tour in Nairobi about a fortnight ago and visited local media outlets with the aim of publicizing her brand.

Keko also performed in several joints across Nairobi where she was treated to a very warm welcome by her fans.

Upon returning home to Uganda, the female rapper could not hide her joy at the fact that she was treated like a god of some sorts by her fans and the organizers of the events.


In an interview with Howwe Biz, Keko revealed that Kenyans treat her like a rap god unlike in her own country where she is not even appreciated.

“In Nairobi, I am a god. Where ever I step, everyone praises me. It’s not like here in Uganda where mediocre artists have killed off the musical industry,” she said.

The rapper also divulged that she was would relocate to Nairobi in case the hatred and greed witnessed in Ugandan music escalates.


“In Uganda now when you say Keko, people immediately think of drugs. I hate such” she added.