For a long time, many people – including myself – have convinced themselves that Luo men are the biggest spenders in the continent and that only Nigerians come close.maxresdefault32

Many a time, you will see men from this tribe flaunting their expensive belongings, jetting out to some exciting locations or doing something outrageous that leaves people shocked.

As it turns out, Luo women are more extravagant than their male counterparts. I know some people will argue that they live such lavish lifestyles because their men spoil them rotten.

Anyway, a beautiful lady from the lake region has left social media users green with envy after doing the unlikely when her car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

cat dancing lol

Normally, if someone’s car stalls far away from home, they usually have to call a mechanic and wait for it to be fixed before they can get back on the road. This usually takes time.

But this lass by the name Corletta Akila decided she didn’t have time all the time in the world to sit in traffic waiting for the vehicle – presumably an expensive one – to be repaired.

She decided to use a helicopter that was recently introduced by a popular taxi firm before bragging about it on social media.

This is what she posted.


Over the weekend, comedians Jalang’o and Owago Onyiro were also rescued by a chopper after the car they were travelling in broke down in Mai Mahiu. It is widely believed that the two incidents are related.woman-3-696x928