Vanessa Mdee had a really hard time a few weeks ago after she was arrested as part of investigations into allegations she is among those behind drug abuse and trafficking. She was summoned to a police station in Tanzania to give a statement but she was not in the country at the time.

When she came back from South Africa, she was arrested and after 5 days in cell, she was released. She never said much after her release but later on addressed the issue via Twitter. She told her fans that she was fine and that she would be releasing new music.


Well she didn’t let her fans down as she released two songs back to back. Orezi, a Nigerian artiste did a collabo with her in a song dubbed ‘Just Like That’ which is already a club banger in less than a week. As if that’s not enough, she has released a song Dubbed ‘Duasi‘. If you thought you knew Swahili, well think again.

Vanessa went in depth with her vocabulary and released a song that is pretty amazing but the lingo is hard to understand unless you are fluent in Swahili.

Watch the video below to get exactly what I’m talking about;