Vanessa Mdee was arrested yesterday by the Tanzanian police as she is believed to be involved in drug trafficking. Her arrest come 4 weeks after the likes of Wema Sepetu, TID and Diamond Platnumz small brother spent about a week in police custody.

According to reports Vanessa Mdee was arrested yesterday and has since not been released. She might be going through the same procedure carried after Wema Sepetu was arrested however the police have not released an official statement to confirm whether any drugs were found in her possession during her arrest.

Vanessa Mdee arrested

Vanessa Mdee arrested

The 29 year old had been in South Africa working when her name was listed among the notorious celebrity drug traffickers in Tanzania. Her lawyer, Aman Tenga has confirmed that she was indeed arrested but she will be released as soon as possible.

Her boyfriend, Juxx Juma has not said anything about this but we believe that he is supporting his petite girlfriend as she goes through this hard time.