Last week we reported that Bongo singer Vanessa Mdee was arrested by Tanzanian police upon return to her hometown.

Veemoney as she is popularly referred to was arrested after she was named as part of a group of high profile Tanzanians using or selling drugs.

A list was released several weeks ago, and among those to present themselves rather than be arrested was socialite Wema Sepetu.

A source in Tanzania has told us that Vanessa was a guest of the state where she probably ate boiled beans and ugali. Anyhow, jokes aside, Vanessa has been sought by the Tanzanian authorities in relation to drug investigations.

vanessa mdee arrst

Her lawyer, Aman Tenga confirmed that she presented herself to the Central Police Station in Dar es Salaam after an order by the regional commissioner for Dar es Salaam, Paul Makonda.

Things are thick.

Anyway fellow singer Lady Jay Dee has reached out to her, indicating she is keeping her in her mind as she goes through what is a tough time in her life.

Wooiie! Reach the sweet message below, plus a screenshot of the post on IG.

jidejaydeeDear Vanessa, am sending my love to you 💝