Singer Vanessa Mdee was released yesterday on bail after spending 5 days in police custody. The lady’s arrest was after her name appeared in the list of celebrities believed to be involved in drug abuse and trafficking.

However, after her release she said nothing through her social media pages until today when she shared a series of tweets through her official Twitter handle. Vanessa Mdee thanked her fans for the support not forgetting the celebrities who were rooting for her release through their social media pages.

Just to prove that she was doing okay, Vanessa Mdee promised her die hard fans a new song that is set to this week. Mada Vee wrote to say, AND incase you were wondering. I am doing so fine. In fact new music out THIS WEEK 😙
VeeMoney #CashMadame

Veemoney's tweets

Veemoney’s tweets

The 29 year old is doing everything in her power to show that despite being soft, she has a heart that can with stand any form of difficulties. Her boyfriend, Juma Jux, has been keeping a low profile to avoid rubbing with Paul Makonda the wrong way now that his current and ex girlfriend have been involved in drug trafficking scandals.