Vanessa Mdee has a sister Mimi Mars, who has taken the music ministry by storm. She is her younger sister who has joined the music industry. She has produced a song named shuga the song which has hit the charts in big way through efforts of her sister Vanessa Mdee.

She is getting in the industry by confessing her inner feelings. During one of the  interview with Tanzanian Tv Show she was told to choose between Diamiond and Ali KIba and she chose Ali Kiba.

It has come to light through Ommi Dimpoz that Ali Kiba and Diamond had produced a song together but when the time release the song came, Diamond had removed Ali Kiba’s vocals and launched the song. The song ‘lala salama’ became Diamonds And Ali kiba was Left Out. That’s how Diamonds and Ali Kiba’s beef started.

“Ali alifanya nyimbo ya Ukilala Lala Salama ya Diamond… Ali akamshauri aweke ad libs, akamwambia Ali aziingize hizo sauti…Nyimbo ikawa inasikika yaani vizuri unasikia zile AD LIBS za Ali, wakati ile album ya D inatoka D akaenda akatoa sauti za Ali akaingiza zake yeye,” Ommy Dimpoz said.

So there is team Kiba and Team Diamond and Venessa Mdees sister has joined team Kiba.