I just came across a very interesting find. On this one, I must say, Nigerians are winning hands down!I came across a story on Naijagist about none other than Vera Sidika that just blew my mind. Actually, we had been talking about this story with Mista Majani and I figure I really do need to share it. It is a well done investigative piece compiled by piecing together what by-standers would think are random snapchats and IG posts but when strung together, they make a rich tapestry.veradavido

Let me just tell the story.

It turns out that a lot of the visits Vera Sidika has been going on to Nigeria, were to meet up with Davido and his HKN gang. Just who are HKN you ask? These guys:


And they have been inviting Vera Sidika over to Victoria Island (one of the poshest neighbourhoods in Nigeria and I dare say Africa) for some downtime.Davido_24242

How do we know? Let us get to the next page where we can decode the evidence.

So now we begin. Vera Sidika, the bodacious sex bombshell, has a penchant for posting photos of herself in exotic locations doing nice things like shopping or simply just enjoying the sights and sounds.ssidikavera--337x420

For starters, it is a well known fact in Nigeria that Davido and his HKN get a deal at Intercontinental Hotel which is why HKN’s Special Spesh is always there… (The guys who wrote this are rather savage)Spesh-at-the-Intercon-1


So it raised eyebrows when Vera Sidika started posting photos a day after the HKN gang had gone out to celebrate the fact that Davido had signed on to Sony Music:



And then all hell hit the roof when B-Red posted this “after-sex” snapchat that showed a silhouette similar to Vera’s complete with the same weave:

BRed’s snapchat video.

And minutes later, Vera shared this view of Victoria Island:

Vera’s snapchat.

And then there was this time long before the bleaching re-agent had taken effect when they were shooting a video for a song…


What do you think about all this? Do you think there is even an iota of truth in these allegations or nah?