By the time this year is over, we are expecting many celebrities to have settled down. Sarah Hassan has already paved the way as she wedded this past weekend and now Vera Sidika is craving to have a kid as revealed in one of her posts on social media.

The lass who is almost hitting 30 year (come on lets just be real) wants a family of her own. Her Nigerian boyfriend has a grown baby girl and he could be planning to have another child with Vera Sidika if everything goes as planned.

Vera recently shared a post where she revealed that living alone is proving to be hard for her. The socialite prefers having children running around the house than living alone as she has always done.

Sidika's post

Sidika’s post

We are not quite sure whether she has finally decided to settle down, but her posts suggests that she is ready. It could also be the baby fever bothering her but one cant be sure if she really meant what she posted on her Instagram.

This is not the first time she is coming down with the baby fever, the only difference is that she has a stable boyfriend who is into her.

If indeed she is ready to have a child…we cant wait to see who the baby will take after.