A few weeks ago, Tanzanian rapper Chidi Benz made headlines when he confessed that he was a drug addict, a habit that was “dragging him to the grave”.

He received support and backlash in equal measure with some fans criticising  him for feeding his addiction and others offering their unconditional support.

Babu Tale, Diamond Platinumz’ manager and rapper turned drug abuse activist Kamanda Kalapina both pledged their support, and made it their sole duty to check him into a rehab in Bagamoyo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

A month after he checked into rehab, the rapper has now posted a 15 second Instagram video, and seems to be faring well. In the video, he declares his gratitude for the help he is receiving;

“Sina mengi ya kuongea, niko sawa, nipo okay, niko fresh na msaada naupata,” (I don’t have much to say, I’m okay, I’m feeling great and grateful for the help I am receiving)



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