A lot of females today might have their reservations with being referred to as sex symbols, but American born Kenyan sexy diva Victoria Kimani thinks otherwise.

The “Two of dem” singer holds that the notions of many observers and fans seeing her in this light doesn’t put any pressure whatsoever on her.

In recent interview, the Chocolate City First Lady disclosed that she doesn’t think it is a bad thing that she’s seen as a sex symbol of sorts.

“You see, I am eccentric, slightly rebellious and love to express myself. I am a do-it-yourself type person, and given my independent nature I like to do things my way,” she said.


Victoria went ahead to explain why she chose to sign with the Nigerian record label rather than one from Kenya. In her argument, she says that’s it was because she needed to have a huge fan base in Africa.

“I chose to sign with a Nigerian recording label because it has a similar version like me in terms of crossing over the continent and actually they had that because when i was signing up with them they had an office in Kenya so that they can expand the brand.” she told Notjustok TV


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