She is only one of the few Kenyan female artists who are representing Kenya on an international stage. Her top-girl status even fueled rumors to dating the likes of Tottenham Hotshot Victor Wanyama. All the rumors can now be put to bed, as she has now gone public on her boyfriend.


Chocolate city artist Victoria Kimani has for the longest time tried to keep her personal life private, as much as the media attempted to ooze things to the limelight.0fgjhs5lfsi0qfgqh-c1fb637c

The Los-Angeles born singer has been releasing hit after hit, and is now debuting her first studio album titled “Safari” which is Swahili for “journey”

With the unleashing of her first album that showcases her journey through music and life in general, it seems Victoria only deemed it fair to give her fans what some scoop on her love life, and particularly the lucky man who made away with her heart.

Predictably enough, the man is from Nigeria.


Reinhard, Victoria’s boyfriend(Courtesy)

He goes by the name Reinhard, a producer with the very same record label Victoria is signed to, “Chocolate city.” Reinhard also happens to be one who produced Victoria’s latest hit, “My Money”


Studio chemistry much?