The best part about Hello being literally everywhere is that we get so many great covers!
Remember how that Korean High School student went viral after performing her take on Adele’s lead single??

Well, another rendition of Hello has made its way online… and this one is in a completely different language!
Dela Maranga is a singer from Nairobi, Kenya, and her Swahili version of the 25 classic may actually be better than the original.

Her voice is powerful like Adele’s, but she also has this soulful tone that makes the lyrics even more painful — in the best way possible.

Afro-pop singer Dela Maranga’s Adele’s cover song has received tonnes of praise but also have some wondering if she broke the law.

The song, Hello, a Swahili version of British singer Adele’s global hit, has received rave reviews from fans on YouTube and other social media platforms. Many are so in love with it that they are even saying they prefer the Swahili version to the original. On the flip side, there are some who have raised the issue of copyright infringement claiming she had not sought Adele’s consent before translating the song.
Speaking to Showbuzz, Dela said there was no infringement.

“This is a cover. I did it just for YouTube and it is not for commercial purposes,” she said. “But if people ask me to perform it, I will.”

She says of the song: “We spent Wednesday night in the studio working on it. We couldn’t wait for people to hear it so we posted it online immediately after we were done,” she recalls. The cover was produced by Sauti Sol’s Polycarp, Benjamin Webi and Andrew Wanjohi. The song garned more than 75,000 views in under 48 hours.

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