Video: Lupita Nyong’o Freestyle Rap


Lupita Nyong’o is very talented, she actually can rap not just any other type of Rap, she can Freestyle better than your favorite Msanii. Now you know the type of music she listens to; Nas.

Here is her Verse:

Mexican-born, Kenya running through my veins
Dark chocolate, plus I keep a sharp mane
LancĂ´me fresh face, looking tailor made
Disney on the books so you know I stay paid
Next stop Katwe, rocking out with David
Don’t do critics, if you’re hating please save it
Ambassador for elephants, trying to save the planet
I’m working on my master plan, stunting in a hammock
Bugging out with Robyn Hood, Wilson’s all day
Some play to eat, but we eat to play
Speak four languages, doing deals in Spanish
Hit ’em with my autograph, poof, I vanish
Onto to the next, Panther. Rest, civilian
Shout out to the villages,