He is laid back at times and keeps his life off limelight and tries as much as possible to keep his family under wraps. But ladies love him and many like him just for who he is, handsome Ali Kiba.

Though he has been Diamonds competitor in bongo music, especially because of his looks and music, he is kinda one who is eligible for taking the mantle over from Diamond, Maybe not now but he has been trying hard to stand him down.

But, i want to talk about Ali Kibas little known sister Zabibu kiba. Gorgeous and beautiful, giving men sleepless nights. Just as the brother she is yellow, yellow and God did some good work on her , perfected everything i guess.

She resembles one of Ali kibas baby mama Jokate Mwagelo, kwa mbali, only that the beauty spot is missing. But her beauty needs nothing more to add. Though she has stayed away from social media, she’s just killing it with new pictures.

Zabibu was noted telling her brother Ali Kiba to get married ASAP as he has turned 31. That he should settle down and may be not to be like other senior bongo bachelors who have vehemently refused to settle down but siring babies.