MMC WATEMI new video dubbed Wale Wabaya is out. MMC Watemi, a music band crew which does every genre of music. They started out recently at the beginning of the year 2015. The crew is based in Nairobi Embakasi area. Music_masters_crew(MMC) is formed by MCHUMAA, MR. VIRUS and QUINN1. The reason why they up came with the crew is to showcase out the different styles of music culture and to unite Kenyan music to be like one tribe. It’s not about location or facilities, the level of professionalism lies on the local producer.



I don’t think upcoming artist need to start from the bottom and hustle their way up. This crew has a lot of potential compared with the early 90s Hip hop. Everyone is aiming for the throne as they say themselves.One thing about MMC WATEMI is that they believe in themselves and that is one big secrete an artist has to do.



Check out the Video to the song – Wale Wabaya

There is much still to be said about MMC Watemi, they don’t hate or discriminate anybody. They love peace  and harmony to their fans or anybody else around them.You can chat with then on their Facebook fan-page: MMC Email them to:[email protected] To get their music, Visit :HTTP:// or search MCHUMAA/MR VIRUS.