It was the first in Central and East Africa, and it captured the hearts of people traveling in flight from Nairobi to Malindi. It was an eye opener that everything is possible only if you dream and put it to reality.

But what holds us back is uncertainty and to disbelieve in yourself. But with faith and believing in yourself gives you the rails to make it happen.

It was an in-flight show, the first elegant and glamorous fashion event to be witnessed in the region and with all the razzmatazz, the luxe collection was launched.

The experience went on at Diamonds Dream of Africa Beach Resort in Malindi where more fashion showcases took place over exquisite lunch.

“Kenya is ready for luxury, the growing demand and support from all our customers is the reason we are unveiling Wambui Mukenyi Luxe,” Wambui Mukenyi explained.

“Throughout the world Moët & Chandon, is synonymous with success and glamour. Moët and Chandon has celebrated life’s memorable and triumphant moments with panache for more than 270 years. For Moët and Chandon, success is a matter of style and today we celebrate Wambui Mukenyi as we continue to support Fashion in Kenya,” Luxury PR consultant, Lucia Musau added.

This is how the event went down in photos;