Nay Wa Mitego also known as Nay Trueboy, a Tanazian rapper has come out to speak, days after he was released from jail for insulting President Pombe Magufuli.

His new track Wapo is one that seems to talk about politicians that use and traffic drugs and are never talked about. Nay goes ahead to say that there are politicians who have been forging their certificates.

Nay is further heard rapping about a doctor that hates criticism which in most people’s opinion might have been directed to the president and catalyzed his arrest. After few days behind bars, Nay Wa Mitego was released after Magufuli’s representative cited that he liked the song and further urged Nay to correct some of his lyrics.

It seems the rapper might not be willing to do any corrections on his songs even after he announced his video to be coming soon.

In his recent post, Nay seemed to be now fearing his life;

He wrote;

“Usalama wa Maisha yangu umekua Mdogo kwasasa, Wana panga kunipoteza ikibidi nisiwepo kabisa kwenye hii Dunia. Nipo tayari kwa chochote wanacho panga kufanya Coz sijajipanga kupambana nao, Mimi ni Mwana Muziki si vingine. Kwa chochote kitachotokea Familia yangu itakua na chakuongea. Siwezi kuhama Nchi wala kukimbia nitafia hapa hapa. Na siko tayari kupindisha Chochote.! Nyie Ndo mtanilinda. Sina Mlinzi na sitarajii kua na mlinzi. OnlyGod????????”

Here is the video;