Some time last week, someone tipped us that gospel singer Kevin Bahati had fallen out with his protegé Weezdom over what he simply termed as “monetary issues”.weezdom

Because we are optimistic beings, we chose to disregard the claims until yesterday when the Faham singer put up a post  announcing that he had decided to cut ties with Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB) –  a record label owned Bahati.

In an Instagram post, Weezdom explained that he felt it was time he went it alone because the Mama hit maker had already laid a strong foundation for him.

“We all know I had been signed to EMB @embrecords. It was a great blessing to me. However, following the rumours that I have signed out from EMB for beneficial gain, I would like to clarify that yes it is true that I have signed out but it’s not for the given reason but to expound for more and greater opportunities,” he wrote.

What he posted left us with more questions than answers so we decided to call him up to get the story right from the horse’s mouth.

When reached for comment, Weezdom reiterated that he left the stable because he wanted to grow on his own and felt that Bahati should groom someone else.

However, he told this writer that there were other issues at play which he was not at liberty to discuss but promised to make them public in due course.hqdefault09

“There are many things, its not necessary to talk about them right now. But I left in good faith. I cannot differ with Bahati over finances, he is someone who has mentored me and there are many things that he has done to help me that are not even in the public domain,” Weezdom stated.

Listen to the audio below.