Wema sepetu could be pregnant if the photos making rounds on social media have not been edited. The lass who was photographed hanging out with a person by the name name of, Lena, who is part of the Chadema Party.

Wema Sepetu is seen wearing a figure hugging blue dress and a black waterfall to accessorize her attire.

Wema Sepetu pregnant?

Wema Sepetu pregnant with twins in 2016

Looking at her closely one can’t miss the bulging stomach that has left many wondering whether she is pregnant for the second time. And if so, who could be the baby daddy? Idris Sultan maybe?

Well, we cannot confirm that the lady is indeed pregnant at the moment but the photo below says something different. It could also mean that she has been eating healthy…but come on.

Team Wema on social media seem a bit excited about this and as they wait for her to make the announcement, let us hope that she is not pregnant with food…lol!

Anyway below is the photo causing a stir on social networks.

Wema Sepetu pregnant?

Wema Sepetu pregnant?