Wema Sepetu would have been in remand now but Tanzanian judge set her free, at least for the for next 19 days.

Wema Sepetu was arrested and charged for being possession of banned substance – marijuana sometimes in early February 2017.

Her case has been dragging in Tanzanian court ever since; on Wednesday the judge blocked prosecutor’s bid to have police arrest Wema Sepetu.

Wema Sepetu leaves Kisitu Resident Magistrate court

Wema’s lawyer Peter Kibatala objected the prosecutor’s request on grounds that the prosecution’s application had not followed proper procedure.

The lawyer argued that a piece of evidence issued against Wema Sepetu by the inspector Willy from the prosecution deparment in Dar es Salaam lacked sufficient reason to warrant Wema Sepetu’s arrest.

The judge, Thomas Simba, declined to order police to arrest Wema and instead set October 4th as the date for the ruling.