Word making rounds on social media is that Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz are back to being ‘just friends’.

However…. their relationship is said not to be the usual ‘friendship’ since the two were once lovers making it hard to believe that they just sit and talk without facing any temptations.

Wema SepetuWema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz

Since reconciling Wema Sepetu is said to have become a bit too close with Diamond Platnumz to a point where she has been making frequent visits to the Tanzanian singer’s house and is believed to have stayed there for a week before moving back to her house.

She is also said to have been visiting his office where they both share ‘ideas’ and seems like the one of Wasafi Records boys snitched this to a popular tabloid in Tanzania.

Anyway…Wema Sepetu has responded to these rumors by saying:

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu