Wema Sepetu is just sipping luke warm worra as she watches the drama and love triangle between Diamond Platnumz, Hamisa Mobetto and Zari Hassan unfold.

Wema who broke up with Diamond in 2015 remained friends with him. However, when diamond took up with Zari, no love was lost between his new boo and his ex.

After a while there was a cease fire and everyone went on to live their lives. Wema accepted that Diamond had moved on after he sired two children with Zari.

But things are not so rosy back at ‘Mansion de Platnumz’ after the world was served with the cheating drama involving Diamond’s video vixen, Hamisa.

In a radio interview, Diamond Platnumz accepted that he did cheat on Zari with Hamisa and now they have a precious child together called Abdul Naseeb Dangote.

Diamond has accepted his child and even posted photos of his new born child branding him Young Lion.


This comes after Hamisa posted video clips and photos on Instagram that prove she slept with the star and that they are always in communication.


Zari has responded to the explosive admission.

Zari wrote on Instagram: “I’m such an early morning person as some can see on my snap, usually up by 5am. Let’s start this day on a different note, shall we🤗. Ladies and gentlemen I’ve heard you loud and clear, the advises, the consolation, the pity, the hurt you feeling on my behalf most of all the betrayal.

But let’s look at this on the positive side. When a person chooses to cheat on you it’s not YOU actually its THEM which usually turns out that they played themselves while they thought they are playing you. You should never look down on yourself, don’t ever think you are worthless because of another person’s mistake & never blame yourself. But always look at how to pick yourself up and get going. That said, with my birthday approaching let’s put all this negative energy behind us and appreciate, LIFE! 🌹

Wema commented on a photo of baby Adul making rounds on Instagram saying, “Kazuri Mashalaah,” adding, “Kamefanana na Chibu alivyo kua mdogo.”

Weighing in on this whole drama, Wema couldn’t resist taking a pot shot at Zari.

She wrote, “Karma”

nimo_shariff: Karma is a b*tch

lamarsali: karma is not a liar, she keeps receipts

life_zone: Karma is a dish best served cold

jaeldind: We knew it will happen. Just a matter of time.

slay.bosses: As someone who doesn’t have it all you shouldn’t be celebrating people’s misfortunes

mama_davvy: Karma kabisa what she is getting she deserve every bit of it. She never cared about you or your feelings..

jemmy_jey: Heheeee let’s be realistic do you care about your hubby’s ex? And FYI all that will come to pass even if it’s true. As if your rship is perfect. And @wemasepetu you know better how karma works, don’t call her to your door step. You know better, move on please Aiii. And I thought you are the one who left @diamondplatnumz Why bother @zarithebosslady. May Karma deal with you like hurricane Irma

mletiwa: Find out the whole story first. Zari started it and thrived on calling Wema names all over the interweb daily. So KARMA is just starting on her…

juntah_juntah: I tell you, you can’t keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept, no amount of beauty or babies can keep a man, a cheat will always be a cheat and KARMA will always be KARMA.