Wema Sepetu and Zari’s fans cannot wait to see the day the two will forgive each other and start being friends. Now that is something I can tell you for free. But judging from how the situation is, this might take longer than anyone expects.

Anyway, fans have now started editting photos of Wema Sepetu ‘hanging out’ with Zari Hassan just to see how they would look. So far the photo is making rounds on social media and the comments show how much team Zari and Wema are desparate to see this two makeup.

However, let us not forget that the two have never been under the same roof or building not even for a minute. Their beef started the moment Diamond Platnumz dumped Wema Sepetu for Zari who is now his baby mama.

Diamond Platnumz has distanced himself from their issue despite being the main reason the two cannot get along. He supports both his baby mama and has started showing signs of supporting Wema Sepetu’s projects.

But will the two ever be friends in real life? As you think about that checkout their photoshopped photo below:

Wema Sepetu hanging with Zari

Wema Sepetu hanging with Zaripet