Tanzanian male model Calisah has been dumped by his wife after a video of him kissing actress Wema Sepetu surfaced online.Calisah and Wema Sepetu, who denied dating rumours before, could be seen in the video kissing passionately.


Calisah says he does not know who leaked the ‘private’ video online because it is only Wema Sepetu and himself who were in possession of the video.

“I was chatting with Wema Sepetu when a notification popped on the screen of my phone. When I clicked on it, I was shocked to see the video of Wema and I kissing. I enquired from Wema who could have leaked the video online, but she said she doesn’t know,” Calisah told Bongo5.

Calisah says the video has caused him a lot of problems with his wife, who has since left him.