Men are creature of habit. You can use some habits to try and deduce other habits. Here are few pointers in regards to eating.

Rushed Eater

He is always in a rush to clear his plate for the second serving, if there is. If there is none, he just wants to be over and done with the meal. What makes you think he is any different in the sack. he will pound away like a jack rabbit just to get his big “o” and be done with. Do not expect any much foreplay. He won’t stick around after getting his “fill”

Non-choosy eater when hungry

Where and what he eats does not matter provided he gets his hunger issues sorted, same in bed he will screw anything that wears a skirt provided he gets his carnal desires are sorted. Whether you are good or bad in bed, that’s not his problem. He doesn’t care.

Cautious Eater

This is the proverbial gentleman. Takes his time with his quarry, savours every moment, every taste every feel. Every smell. This applies to all his quarries, in every sense of the word. be assured of some thorough pleasure from this one as he seeks to make you enjoy the session.

Jumpy/distracted eater

By now you have the drift, if he can not focus for five minutes on ameal he is supposed to enjoy, where do you get the thought he will keep his act together for thirty minutes to make sure you enjoy the love making? He is easily distracted and might wander away, mentally, to other places. His job, his, rent, his car, his side chick…. Your satisfaction does not count.

He is a picky eater

This ninja counts calories, proteins and carbohydrates, he’s trying to choose the healthiest food. He knows all the benefits of eating well. Expect the same in bed. He’ll choose the most satisfying and exciting positions, he’ll make everything right to give you a load of pleasure. Pun very much intended. You will enjoy the unusual experience for sure.