Irvan Randle, a 54-year-old man, broke the internet with his hot looks, fit physique and style sense Mr Steal Your Granpa caused a man to assault his wife after she put up Randle’s picture as whatsapp profile photo. The woman refused to remove the picture causing the man to physically harm her

Women have been falling over themselves over a hot 54-year-old man, Irvan Randle with perfect stylish sense and fit physique.0fgjhs7pb21fcdlrc.eef3a24d

Photos of Randle, who dubbed himself as ‘Mr Steal Your Grandpa’ have gone viral all over the world with women shamelessly ogling.


However, one woman in Zimbabwe got assaulted after her husband found Randle’s picture as her Whatsapp profile photo.

The woman refused to remove the profile photo prompting her husband to physically assault her.

The woman sees nothing wrong with putting up the handsome, hot picture of Randle on her profile claiming it is  a harmless fantasy that can never come true considering the distance between the two continents.0fgjhs3l8r532245fg.e9b6edfa

The man who was arrested for the assault said he didn’t take it lightly that his wife was drooling over another man in his presence.

Meanwhile, ‘Mr. Steal your grandma’ continues to break the internet and gain fame with his sizzling photos.