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Wilbroda Of Papa Shirandula And Cops Crush On Her


Popular actor Wilbroda hilariously narrated to Larry Modowo how a cop, who is a diehard fan of her program Papa Shirandula, hit on her. The actress was in the popular NTV show theTrend when sharing the incident.

While making an appearance on Larry Madowo’s popular show theTrend, celebrated actress Jacqueline Nyaminde, or just Wilbroda as many know her, shared a few incidents of her encounters with diehard fans.


Wilbroda and Papa Shirandula act as wife and Husband.

Wilbroda, who is a household name thanks to her rib-cracking character on seasoned Citizen TV comedy show Papa Shirandula, told Madowo that once a traffic cop stopped her just because he’s a fan of hers and the program.


She jokingly stated that the police hit on her and she accepted the offer since her husband Papa is fat and has a big belly.

“I was leaving work and I was driving and this cop stopped me,” said Wilbroda in the interview with Madowo that also hosted several other celebrities.“He stopped me and I was like, ‘Eh, Jackie, you were not talking on the phone, you were not speeding, gosh, what have I done?’ So I just parked aside and then he was like ‘EEH, mimi nataka ukue girlfriend yangu’. As in for real.”

The famous actor also said she said yes to the offer since Papa Shirandula, who acts as his husband in the sitcom, is fat, poor in bed and that she is tired of him.


0fgjhs25tmpo2fcs6-187bc716Besides her acting career, Wilbroda is also a radio presenter and a highly sought after MC.

She is also a single mother to a 6-year-old boy, Zulani, though, she recently confessed she’s dating someone whom she’s hiding from the public eye.