We could say that Zari Diamonds baby mama, is a very patient Person. Considering the fact that Diamond has continued to weigh her patient now and then with different women and the last straw was when he bore a son with Hamisa mobetto former miss Tanzania and video vixen.

But all the while she has been taking things cool though, trying to advice Diamond against his rogue behavior of opening his zip to every skirt wearer. She has been holding it down even when his friends tell her to discharge her baby daddy, she has stayed put!

Once she said, “some people are telling her the grass is greener on the outside but she considered watering hers”– meaning people told her to leave Diamond she would get a better person, but thought to wait maybe at sometime he would change.

It can’t get worse than siring a baby with another woman. But Zari has clang unto him all the while with that hope he will grow up at some point…and hope so too for the betterment of their relationship.

Zari has input a lot efforts Personally and musically to make Diamond who he is today and he acknowledges that fact. Anyway what has a beginning has to come to an end, Zaris Patience has come to an end.