Noti Flow has opened up about how much it hurts when you love someone but then end up going through a heart break after ending the relationship.

She must have gone through a rough patch for her to open up about the matter, even offering advice to lasses who might have gone through the same.

Noti Flow took to social media to open up, stating that going through such pain is what makes a person stronger.

Noti Flow 2

She said, “Love can be a very beautiful thing, but it can also keep you up all night crying to yourself wondering how much pain someone can induce without physically hurting you.
Personally I will work myself to death, give myself no time to think 💭 stay occupied or stay high cause I hate crying or feeling any type of pain. But you can only run from a broken heart for so long before it catches you 🤷🏽‍♀️ take this advice : Deal with that sh*t head on. The more you avoid the more it hurts the worse you feel. The harder to move on.”

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She continued, “Love can be the Best thing that lifts you into this natural high regardless of the bullshit you deal with on a daily, it can make you smile through the toughest situations. But love can also turn into pure destruction, it can take everything away from you. a hope, a dream, a smile, love can take away any light of happiness in your life with just one thought. Love can lead a being to depression, drugs, alcohol even suicide, all elements of destruction. It can make you or break you depending on how you deal with it. And Personally I’ve experienced both ends of it and still believe it is the most beautiful thing regardless of the pain endured after.”